PT. Topline Relines Indonesia is an Indonesian company that performs Industrial Rubber Lining, Specialist Epoxy Linings / Coating, Supply and Install Floating Jetty Infrastructure works for a variety of applications throughout industry within Indonesia. Our operations span across mining, marine, oil and gas facilities and heavy industry with a focus on quality delivery of tank and vessel lining, structural steel anti-wear systems and wharf/jetty protection. We service the marine, oil and gas, mining and manufacturing industries from our shipyard in Lamongan East Java, as well as mobilishing skilled crews to worksites and facilities anywhere in Indonesia.


PT. Topline Relines Indonesia is part of a group that has been operating in both Indonesia and Australia for over 50 years. In 2016 an operational base for PT. Topline Relines Indonesia was established in Surabaya, East Java and in 2018 the operating facilities were expanded to a 15 hectare shipyard in the strategic marine zone of Paciran, Lamongan East Java. The operational management of the company have a combined 30+ years of experience within the mining and marine industries and a hands-on approach to delivering quality completed projects to their clients in Indonesia.



Lead the industry by implementing world-class coating, lining and overhaul projects throughout the Indonesia Archipelago an behalf of a global customer base.


to provide excellent service that consistently meets with our customer's expectations whilst continuously improving our company's skill, technology and experience in order achieve and maintain market leadership.


Safety is a must. Our concern about health, Safety and Environment is paramount. We protect our workers with the right safety equipment for the job and implement safe work practices to ensure that they return home safe from every job.



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Oil, Gas and Chemical Protection System

Asset protection in extreme environtments.


EpiMax 222, EpiMax 222AR, EpiMax 330, EpiMax 333AR, EpiMax 465, EpiMax 480, EpiMax 480UT, EpiMax 655AR, FlueGard 225-SQC